Website Accessibility

Accessibility Statement

The Bank is committed to serving the needs of all of our customers and potential customers, regardless of disability status. We offer a variety of services to help with all of our customers’ needs. You can bank online, by phone, in person or at our ATMs.

Reasonable Accommodations

Our Bank ATMs take into account the needs of customers with disabilities and include features such as braille controls and a headphone jack. All of Bank’s ATMs can obtain cash, receive account balances and conduct other banking transactions during business hours. On request, the Bank will provide account statements, notices, checks, standardized forms and informational materials in alternate accessible formats, such as large print and/or electronic format.


The Bank’s website is designed with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WAG 2.0) Level A & AA standards in mind; we strive to make the website accessible for all customers. If you experience issues with the website please email us at [email protected] or call us at 570-784-1660 or 570-546-2211 so the issue can be addressed.

Third Party Websites

The Bank’s website contains links to webpages hosted by third parties. The Bank is not able to denote the accessibility of third party websites and also is not able to fix accessibility issues on those websites.

Questions or Concerns

If you have any questions or concerns about accessibility or banking with us please contact the Bank at [email protected] or call us at 570-784-1660 or 570-546-2211.