Municipality Financing

This image depicts an aerial view of Catawissa, Pennsylvania
This image depicts a downtown street in Muncy, Pennsylvania at sunset.

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Experience the Journey Bank difference with our smart municipal loan solutions to help your municipality maintain roads, keep the water supply safe, and more. Learn more about loans for municipalities in Columbia, Lycoming, Montour, Northumberland and Clinton counties.

Municipality Financing Solutions

We can help your municipality meet its commitments and support its goals with:

  • Municipal leasing: A contract to purchase equipment and assume the title. Interest payments are usually tax-exempt–talk to your tax advisor.
  • Anticipation notes: Journey Bank offers Revenue Anticipation Notes, paid from future revenues, and Tax Anticipation Notes, paid within one year from taxes collected.

Not sure which type of tax-exempt municipal financing is right for you? We can help!

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Serving Columbia, Montour, Lycoming, Northumberland and Clinton Counties

Journey Bank’s experienced team of commercial lenders live and work in the same PA communities as you. We will be with you every step of the way as you apply for a business equipment loan and put the financing to work. Connect with a local commercial lender and apply for municipal financing today!


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